Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black Quinoa Soup

Perks: gluten free (of course), vegan, vegetarian, soy free, nut free, whole grain, healthy, low-sodium and low-fat.

Want the recipe? Post a comment. If I get over 5 comments from different people, I will post the recipe up for all to enjoy. Thank you!


  1. You're just fishing for comments :)
    I would love your recipe! I have some black quinoa just sitting in the pantry, waiting to be made into your soup.

  2. Ha! I second what your mom said (besides having black quinoa sitting around,but I could get some!)

  3. Here's another comment. It counts! You didn't specify whether or not it had to be by different people. :p

  4. So what if I want a few comments every now and again? I gotta save some of my recipes unless the people are going to use them :P